Tracking time as a remote worker


Ah time- it goes so slowly when we don’t want it to and then slips away during our most treasured moments! In business, time has always represented the key to competitive advantage. To achieve this advantage, we have to learn to control or master it to the best of our ability, and the only way to do this is by tracking it.

For everything that I do pertaining to Symphony virtual assistant studio, I personally track my time even if nobody is asking me to. This gives me a good idea of how long certain projects take me. When you know the pace at which you work, it’s so much easier to know how to price projects properly. It also gives accountability to refer back to with billable hours.

With a time tracker, you can see all the tasks that actually go into every project, as well as all the resources they require – from project communication and planning to iterations, production and client management. This allows for a smoother workflow and the ability to make more realistic time-frames for completion.

My preferred method of time tracking is Toggl, as it’s easy, straightforward and brilliant for generating project reports for clients at the end of every month.