My first published article

Sometimes as a business owner, it can feel a little bit odd celebrating your little wins. We’ve been conditioned to celebrate the big milestones and achievements, belittling the little wins along the way. But the little wins, no matter how small, are there to keep you motivated in the long-term. So - here goes!

Today, I’m celebrating my first ever article being published! I wrote a piece for A Girl In Progress on The 5 Best Time Management Apps For Remote Workers, which was published yesterday (on my birthday)!

I’m especially happy because it’s the first time I’ve had my name next to an article. I’ve written plenty of press releases, marketing copy, blog posts and articles over my 7 year career in marketing for clients and third parties, which has meant that my name didn’t get to go under any of the writing - but I now officially have one piece that belongs to me. I genuinely hope it will be the first of many, so watch this space!