How to gain more likes for your Facebook business page

Having a Facebook business page can really help to enhance your digital reach. Having more likes on your page leads to more inbound traffic, which can help convert viewers into potential customers. The more likes your business page has, the more trustworthy your brand image appears and the more visibility you’ll get with your Facebook posts.

To get likes on your business page, you’ll need to schedule SEO-optimized, unique, relevant and helpful content on a consistent basis. Your business page should also include a link back to your site, a business overview and additional information to help viewers understand your business.

Creating high-quality and relevant content that is short and yet fun to read. In addition, eye-catching images to grab attention of audience are essential. It’s important that your page offers value to the viewer in terms of informative & entertaining content rather than being packing your feed with promotional posts and sales pitches, which will get you less likes.

Make sure you’re offering what followers want – by going through the comments on your posts, and creating ‘How to’ or ‘best tips/tricks’ content to garner more interest from your audience.

Ask your friends, family, and customers to connect with you on Facebook. It not only propels you to get likes on Facebook page, but grows your brand’s network too. Encourage the connections you have to be fans so that more people will see the page as a suggestion on Facebook as ‘recommended pages’. You can open ‘Build Audience’ > ‘Invite Email Contacts’ > upload up to 7000 email contacts a day (5000 at once).

Consistency is the key in everything, be it building your business, getting Facebook likes. A steady approach needs to be maintained for staying active and make your presence felt on the social media. Post relevant and appealing content and monitor the presence by interacting with fans. Search, follow and build relationships with people in your niche to spread the word. Engage in Q&A with fans and make them follow you consistently.

Organizing contests and giveaways can attract a wider audience to your brand page. By offering prizes and discounts, you can entice new potential customers whilst effectively engaging and educating them on your brand. You can also invest in paid Facebook advertisement to enhance your exposure, using granular targeting capabilities of Facebook to reach your target audience.

Understanding the algorithms of Facebook can helps you organically reach a broader audience. Facebook highlights genuine posts with informative and entertaining content picked by the algorithm. You can even try live video to make use of Facebook algorithm. Broadcasts get priority in the algorithm and tops up the news feeds in Facebook, so it’s great to capture video content of any event or milestone to help build your reach.

Engage with other brands on your niche, excluding direct competitors. Comment or like their posts to draw attention towards your brand. Cross-promoting your business can be a cakewalk with Facebook this way. Tag other brands on relevant posts and get more likes on Facebook, as that brand’s followers notice your presence.

Find Facebook groups of your niche and showcase your brand there through effective posts. Don’t try to promote it as a brand, rather be subtle and create an emotive narrative relating to your business or offer helpful tips to adds value to the group.

When you create valuable content and monitor what and when to post, as well as network with the right people over Facebook, then nothing can stop you from getting more likes on Facebook!

Stephanie Conway