How to cure the social media blues

For those of us who interact with social media on a daily basis, the topic of its affect on our mental health is very important to be aware of so that we can maintain our sense of well-being.

Social media is a fantastic way to present your voice as a brand or entity. It’s a brilliant way to develop an online community surrounding that voice, and help to engage people through your visual and written content. However, as is the same with any aspirational image-led content outlet: in the same way that not so long ago, women would look in glossy magazines at airbrushed models and feel bad about the way they look, social media can have the same effect on those of us who engage on a daily basis. We see the best of people’s lives - travel, luxury, money, beauty. The fact is that people don’t post on a rainy day when they have to do laundry and their dog has just taken a dump on their carpet. We’re constantly seeing the best bits and not realising that it’s perfectly normal to have a bad hair day or to wake up with a pimple on your face every now and then (I’m sure even Beyonce has to have an off-day every once in a while!)

When speaking with my peers who also manage social media accounts on a daily basis, one thing that I'm constantly hearing about is FOMO. It's a real thing, and seeing the best versions of someone's life on social media can really have an adverse affect on your mental health no matter who you are. So with that in mind, i’s really important to be able to step outside social media and understand that nowadays that's mostly what these outlets are for - engagement, marketing and developing communities of fans. So please remember that just because you see someone gorgeous living their best lives on instagram, it's not necessarily always the case you think it is in reality.

So, how do we deal with the social media blues?

If you’re feeling the social media blues, it's important to figure out what the cause is. Is it a specific account that makes you feel that way? If so, unfollow them. Do a Marie-Kondo on your socials and spring clean anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. You deserve to be happy and anything that gets in the way of that needs to go.

If you’re feeling bad because you're just not getting the social media love and recognition that you were hoping for, and can't seem to make your accounts grow - remember that it's OKAY. There are specific tips, tricks and hacks to engage, create content and make your social media accounts flourish, people have to really invest their time to learn them & as my mum always says: Rome wasn't built in a day. If it all gets too much, don’t forget that you can always outsource your social media marketing to people like me so that you can get rid of the headache and focus your precious time back to your zone of genius.

If you ever feel this way, please remember that you deserve to be happy. Remember that you are worthy and fully capable of anything you put your mind to, and maybe you know you haven’t done your homework fully so you’re not winging it as you might have hoped. Remember that it’s okay, and it’s really not life or death! It’s okay to get help. I believe in you!