5 things that I have learned from starting my own business

  1. I’ve learned that financial independence brings self-empowerment

I didn’t realise how empowered I would feel when I managed to get my own clients on my own terms. I suddenly feel like I’m truly responsible for myself and my clients’ success. Whether I succeed or fail? That’s on me: my work ethic, my drive to succeed and the amount of and passion that I bring to the table. In the words of Kendrick Lamar; “I want the credit if I’m losing or I’m winning. On my momma, that’s the realest”

2. I’ve learned that everyone has an opinion

When you finally get the courage to start a business, everyone suddenly wants to become your mentor. All I seem to hear are little nuggets of advice from close family members like my dad to almost strangers like the milk man. A successful entrepreneur once told me: never take advice from someone who hasn’t already done what they are advising you on. If they haven’t, how would they know, sis?! I’m not saying don’t be polite and listen to what they have to say - that’s just part of being a kind human being - but take what you like & throw away the rest. You don’t need it all!

3. I’ve learned how to communicate

I know this sounds funny, because what I do involves so much communication, but working remotely for clients can be really vague and there are no set rules in terms of how often to get in touch - obviously I neither want to be scarily quiet or annoyingly too communicative, so it’s about finding that middle ground of keeping clients aware but also getting the job done in a timely manner. I really want to demystify what I do with my hourly packages, so I keep track of all of my time spent on specific clients, then send them a report at the end of each month. I also do regular check-ins with updates on what I’m doing and try to keep from annoying anyone.

4. I’ve learned that not everyone wants you to succeed

Underneath it all, I’d love to think that everyone is a nice person. In reality, that’s just not always the case. It’s a fact of life that we all have to accept at some point or another. Some people will be jealous that you’ve made such a bold move to start a business and because of their unhappiness in their own lives, they will actively root for you to fail. I always need to remind myself that however someone treats you - whether it’s good or bad - is a reflection of how they feel about themselves, not you. It’s a fact: happy people don’t hate. If this ever happens to you in your life, I want you to please remember that. Hold your head high & take it as a compliment that you’re doing something so brave that it warrants others to take note and focus their negative energy on. Like the fierce Michelle Obama once said; “when they go low, we go high.”

5. I’ve learned a LOT from my clients

I know this sounds so obvious but it needs to be said: I love working with my clients and I’m vey passionate about helping them succeed in growing their business. When I work for a client’s business, I genuinely cheer for their milestones and achievements - it just fills me with joy. The first client I ever signed was a woman’s empowerment coach and she was such a blessing to onboard. She’s all about building up strong women to be the best versions of themselves and I’ve loved every moment of working for her! I’ve been blessed with some wonderfully ambitious & creative clients, so my work is always varied and it drives me to do the best I possibly can so that their business can grow and they ultimately succeed!